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Top Medical Universities to think about for MBBS in Russia

Mbbs in Russia is the best medical education indian students can get for their future. We provide the admission process, hostel accommodation and other required things to the applicants coming from India.

Selecting your country for MBBS abroad can be tough for many but selecting university to study in can be increasingly difficult for the foreign students as well as their guardians. Between so many countries offering MBBS course to international students,Guest Posting Russia is one of the most common options.
Why Do Indian Students commonly choose to Study MBBS in Russia?

Among so many causes to select MBBS in Russia, here are a 5 top ones that commonly make studying MBBS in Russia a prominent choice for many Indian students.

Top Rankings of Medical Universities

According to the World Health Organization (WHO)’s “Directory of World Medical Schools”, 30 spots amongst top 100 ranking Medical Universities are occupied by the Russian Medical University.

Affordable study

The Russian government sponsors the MBBS fee in the all the medical university up to 70% as they are owned by them.

Magnificent FMGE Result

Most of the Russian Universities offers MCI Screening tuition as a result; graduates from there show magnificent results in the FMGE exam

High-Standard Living at Low Cost

The country is known for its standard European خالد عزازى life that too at inexpensive cost this also makes it a top international student’s attraction.

Up To Date Medical Research

Russia is a superpower familiar to world for medical research practices. The participation of the research work rooms can be seen by the fact that Russia was one of the countries that arise with its antiviral vaccine for Covid-19.
Selecting Your Medical University in Russia

Out of 57 NMC licensed medical universities of Russia, currently, 28 medical universities in Russia are offering Medical education English medium. All the universities are specifically vary from each other in terms of easing the student life and overall experience. It can be a challenging selects any one university among all the tops.

Here we have brought you top medical universities in Russia to help you in choosing the best choices for MBBS in Russia, here are the top 12 universities that you can consider for study MBBS in Russia.